Let me start by telling you that I am very pleased with your service. Especially I am impressed with your professional skills in the insight and analysis. You precisely point out what the patient needs to look better and advised me the most practical treatment. In our culture, doctors do not take a risk because they do not want to be complained by patients. However, your attitude was different. You encourage me to improve more without any hesitation. When something urgent happened with me, you immediately responded and cured it with the best solution.

After that, your credibility as a doctor increased and gave me a sense of security. Anyway, I would like to recommend my friends to get your sincere advice.

I want to tell you that you are one of the best doctors that I have seen so far, with excellent professional abilities. You are Amazing, Caring, Experienced, and thoroughly Professional. You have the patience to understand patient needs and concerns. Your techniques and treatments are superb and advanced. I can say for sure that you have magical hands which thrive on creativity. I feel very confident and happy now, as I have had excellent results with your treatments. My friends and relatives are also keen on visiting you, as they have seen lots of changes in me. Thank you so much Dr. I am very glad to be associated with R3.

"I usually struggle to put in writing about any services. When it comes to Sujata, I have too many things to say. What makes her special is her "command over her work". Her crystal clear analysis will make one to TRUST her completely. My friends who met her are her FANS today. She is one of the best Doctors that I have come across. One more thing that goes in her favor is the "affordable prices". She is not commercial, she is more into getting that "PERFECT RESULTS".

Finally, the best tagline that fits R3 is "TRUST and RE-INVENT YOURSELF"

Initially I was concerned and sceptical regarding the usage of Botox and fillers. After talking to you and one of your existing clients – I got ready to take the plunge.

Glad, I did!

Just in a week after Botox and 3 days after fillers – I can feel a whole new “me”! I am enjoying compliments from colleagues who don’t know what has happened and are commenting – “Hey, you are looking so fresh! Have you joined any program!!!”

I must say that the care you had taken and your personal attention during the entire treatment made me enjoy the experience as well.

I would highly recommend your services to all who aspire to look younger, smarter. It is pity that very few people are aware that such safe treatments methods are available and you can get that done just in couple of hours at a caring clinic like yours.

I would rate Dr Sujata as the finest practitioner of aesthetic medicine in this part of the world.

Her strength lies in her ability to elevate her skills in aesthetic medicine to the level of masterful art, as she works her way through the individual requirement of every face, and what it really needs to fulfil its potential of looking the best that it can.

She has been trained by some of the best practitioners of aesthetic medicine in the world, and this includes doctors practicing in Hollywood/ LA, France and Australia.

She is an artist with anti-ageing medicine like Botox, Fillers and Threads; and has a range of laser based and product based options available with excellent, individualised results.

The best advice I can offer to anyone seeking cosmetic enhancement is to go and meet Dr Sujatha. Have a consultation, ask questions. You will quickly realize that within the walls of her stunning office is an exceptional and remarkable team offering unparalleled all-round service from initial inquiry to procedure and recovery. I couldn't imagine a more comforting atmosphere to make such an important decision. Thank you. I feel and look amazing because of you. It was a pleasure to have met you.

I absolutely love Botox. Best investment for your face. I get it done every few months through Dr Sujatha and it makes a huge difference. The treatments are expensive but the results are well worth the expense

The only recommendation I can give to anyone searching for trustworthy treatment as well as comfort during procedures on the skin is Dr Sujata. Getting a chemical peel done through the hands of such an expert is not only a blessing, but even a great experience. She performs every treatment with utmost care and precision. She is one person I have met who not only welcomes feedback, but also incorporates them in her work. Her dedication and passion towards her work is amazing. I think the investment is worth the deal when its a matter of the skin. Thank you Dr for such marvellous treatment.

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